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All About Brent & Sarah’s Corporate Stage Show

We’ve got to level with you - we’re not going to tell you everything about Brent and Sarah’s corporate stage show. We won’t tell you how the tricks are done (it’s magic), or even what tricks Brent and Sarah are going to do.

No, we don’t want to give away too much - the element of surprise is key to the wonder of the show. And we want you, dear reader, to be just as surprised as the rest of your team.

What we will do is tell you all about the logistics of Brent and Sarah’s corporate stage show - so you’ll know how well prepared our favourite husband and wife magician team really are. Let’s take a peek behind the proverbial curtain!

Lights, sounds, magic!

One of the trickiest things about planning a corporate event is figuring out the logistics of light and sound. Ensuring that everyone can hear every speaker or entertainer in your venue is hard, especially if you’re not experienced in AV. The same goes for ensuring that the lighting highlights everything you need it to - and nothing you don’t!

With Brent and Sarah, you don’t have to worry about light and sound because they bring all of their own equipment! That still leaves you with some audiovisual elements to plan, of course - you’ll want to make sure everything is perfect for the rest of your event.

But it is one less headache you’ll have to deal with - Brent and Sarah have done hundreds of corporate shows, and even if the lighting and sound aren’t working for other parts of your event, you can rest assured that Brent and Sarah’s show will come through loud and clear.

On time, every time

Punctuality isn’t magical - it’s just common sense. Brent and Sarah don’t want to delay your event, so they’ll arrive well before anyone else. They’ll show up before guests. They’ll test all of their equipment to make sure everything is working perfectly. They’ll address any last minute concerns that might arise.

That means you’ll never have to worry about the entertainment portion of your event - Brent and Sarah will be there well in advance to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

They’ll bring their own backdrop, too

Does your stage setup feel less magical than you think it should? Don’t worry! Brent and Sarah really do take care of everything - they even bring their own backdrop. Does that backdrop have anything to do with the tricks they perform?

Who's to say? Not us. A blog about a magician duo never reveals the magical duo’s secrets, or so the old saying goes. It’s against guild rules and all that.

Corporate magicians keep things running smoothly

We’re getting close to the holidays, and that means holiday parties. And with holiday parties come all kinds of hiccups and unexpected surprises.

The only unexpected surprises that Brent and Sarah offer are magic - and they’re expecting those surprises, so it’s all under control. If you’re looking for a professional Toronto corporate magician, look for two instead - Brent and Sarah.

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