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Why You Should Hire A Corporate Magician For Your Event

Have you ever been to a corporate event that felt a little too…corporate?

It can be hard to transition from work mode into party mode with our colleagues. You know each other from around the office, but socializing in a more casual context can be a bit different. Even though you’ve worked alongside each other for years, you might be scrambling to find something to say.

As the event planner, what can you do to break the ice?

We have two words for you: magic tricks. They’re a sure-fire way to get everyone talking. A magic show is perfect for small, private events or large-scale corporate gatherings. You can bring all sorts of people together for a night of wonder and laughter.

When you’re planning an event, here’s why you should consider booking a corporate magician for the night:

Engage Attendees at Corporate Meetings

During your event, you might have a few presentations planned throughout the evening, like sharing updates about your company or teaching new strategies to your employees. These probably won't be the most exciting parts of the evening so how can you lift everyone’s spirits and make the event more engaging?

For that, you’ll need a pair of corporate magicians: Brent and Sarah, a dynamic duo, will keep your staff and clients on the edge of their seats to get a glimpse of close-up magic.

Whether it’s the Gen Z intern who started last week, or the Baby Boomer who’s worked there for 30 years, neither will be able to take their eyes off the show. They’ll be watching closely to try and peek behind the curtain.

Some people believe in magic, while others simply want to understand how it works. Either way, magicians will keep the entire group entertained throughout the evening.

Increase in Participation

Have you ever met someone who didn’t love a good magic show? We haven’t, either. There’s something about magic that catches the attention of people of all ages.

Magic shows are a bit different from other forms of live entertainment. The audience members don’t just sit back and observe for the evening; rather, during these events, they play a part in some of the tricks.

Attendees don’t want to sit in their seats all night. It’s much more exciting to be part of what you’re watching, whether that’s participating in tricks or reacting to daring escapes.

At these events, anyone can be a star of the show. Of course, standing on a stage in front of your colleagues can be a bit intimidating. But the experience can actually bring someone who’s typically more reserved out of their shell. You might see a side of your coworkers that you didn’t know they had!

Diverse Form of Entertainment

Throughout our lifetimes, we attend all sorts of events; product launches, guest presentations, and celebrations–the list goes on. And after so many, they start to become predictable. Because your staff and clients are familiar with how these events go, you’ll want to bring something new to the table.

When you watch a corporate magician, you might have no idea what to expect. What sorts of tricks do they have up their sleeve? How will the night unfold when you can’t predict what will happen next?

With a magic show, there’s no telling what might occur. Audience members are kept on their toes for the entire evening. And once the show wraps up, they’ll have dozens of questions to discuss with everyone else who watched it.

Unforgettable Moments

Sharing experiences is what brings us closer together with the people around us. There’s something so thought-provoking about witnessing something we can’t explain.

Your employees spend up to 40 hours a week sharing space with their coworkers. Sometimes, they simply run out of things to talk about. What better way to strike up a conversation than to ask, “How did that corporate magician just read my mind?”

It’s not easy to poke holes in the tricks of corporate magicians—but that won’t stop the audience from trying! Your guests will go over each detail of the act and try to find where the wool was pulled over their eyes.

Days and weeks after the event, the show might still come up during group lunches or staff meetings. A sense of wonder and curiosity might be the spark your team needs to solve a problem or iron out a new process they’ve been working on.

One thing’s for certain: they’ll be eager to attend the next event that you schedule.

Fun and Laughter

Even when we love our jobs, we might still find ourselves in a state of burnout. Whether it’s from working too hard or needing a break, burnout interferes with our ability to enjoy what we do and advance in our careers.

Give your valued employees and clients a night to relax and forget about the stresses of daily life. A magician is just the thing to get their minds off it.

Nights like these will boost the morale of your whole team; it’s a bonding experience that will bring everyone close together. Despite the stress that may arise at work, your employees can leave it behind and focus on having fun instead.

A night spent watching professional magicians might be just what your staff needs to hit the reset button. These shows are immersive, engaging, and a riot of laughter.

Book Your Event Today!

The next time you’re brainstorming ways to spice up corporate events, consider hiring professional magicians. It’s an excellent way to give clients, employees, and close friends a night they won’t forget.

At Brent and Sarah, we offer virtual and live magic shows. Our events include illusion, card magic, mind reading, and more. Interested in making your corporate meetings more memorable? To book Brent and Sarah for your next event, contact us today!

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