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Alaska Magician Duo

Corporate Entertainment

Alaska might be one of the coldest states, but the beautiful wildlife and Northern Lights will warm your heart. It’s hard to wrap your head around how big and diverse Alaska is. The land here is truly unique; the word Alaska means “The Great Land”. It features coastlines, mountains, and volcanoes. And in total, the entire state is 14.2% water!

If you’re hosting an event in Alaska, then you need an entertainment act that will dazzle your audience. Alaska magicians, Brent and Sarah, perform for audiences of all ages, including children. Book them to perform at any venue, including schools, on stage, or at a party. 

Looking for Alaska’s wildest magic show? Here’s what entertainers Brett and Sarah have to offer:

About The Show

Brent and Sarah began by performing aboard cruise ships. After spending years at sea, they returned to Canada to bring their talents to the Great White North. Now, their magic shows are booked across the world, including Alaska. 

This husband and wife team puts on magic shows like no other. Together, they offer an amazing performance that will leave your jaw on the floor. You’ll see magic tricks like:

  • Daring escapes

  • Illusion magic

  • Card magic

  • Mind reading 

Brent and Sarah do more than magic; they also offer live music and hilarious comedy. Guests will be laughing one moment and tapping their feet along with the music the next. Throughout the performance, everyone will have one question on their minds: is magic real? 

With their big personalities and captivating chemistry, no one in the audience will be able to take their eyes off of Brent and Sarah.

Perfect For A Variety Of Events

What types of events can you book an Alaska magician for? A better question might be: what events can’t you book one for? Magical entertainment is enjoyable for everyone, whether it’s in a business setting or at a family gathering.



Brent and Sarah bring their talents to venues and occasions of all types. Here are just a few examples:


Company Retreats

Your employees have worked hard all year to keep your business afloat; and for many companies, it hasn’t been an easy year. It’s time to take a break and unwind!

There’s something about watching Alaska magic that transports you to another place. You become completely absorbed in the spectacle of it. With this magician duo, your team will truly feel like they’re on a retreat. 

After a getaway like this, your employees will return to work with a refreshed sense of motivation and energy. They’ll also be trying to figure out how to explain the magic they witnessed!


Corporate Events

You want to strengthen the connections between your team of employees and give them a break from work. What better way to do that than by planning a company retreat? These corporate events will allow your staff to get to know each other better in a relaxed and new environment. 

You’ll want to make your next retreat memorable. A magic show is a truly unforgettable experience. From illusionary magic to card tricks, your staff will be astonished by Brent and Sarah’s awe-inspiring tricks. It’s the break that your company deserves! 


Fundraisers and Galas

By scheduling a magic show at your next fundraiser, you can increase audience attendance and participation. The awe-inspiring tricks will help to raise funds for your cause or charity. 

With Brent and Sarah’s magic show, your cause or organization will leave a lasting impression on your guests. They will enjoy the close-up magic tricks as they try to figure out the secrets behind the illusions.


Master of Ceremonies

You’re ready to debut an evening of presentations put together by leaders in your industry. But you’re looking for a host that can help the events flow together; one that can smooth transitions between each presentation. Brent and Sarah will be the perfect hosts!


Interested in learning more about Brent and Sarah’s magic shows? We’re going to answer a few commonly asked questions:


How long is the magic show?

Depending on your event, Brent and Sarah offer magic shows of various durations. They do 30, 45, and 60-minute shows. You can select the length of your show, and whether you want it to be live or virtual.


Is it family-friendly?

Brent and Sarah perform an age-appropriate magic show that’s perfect for family audiences. From young children to seniors, everyone can enjoy the clean and tasteful comedy that this magician team offers.


How will a magic show improve a corporate event?

A few reasons why you might hire an Alaska magician duo like Brent and Sarah include:

  • Make a lasting impression. You want your guests to remember the speakers and products featured at your event. An amazing magic show is sure to do the trick.

  • Interactive magic. Have you ever wanted to be in the spotlight? The only thing more engaging than watching a magic show is being part of it yourself! 

Clean comedy. A professional magician knows how to adapt their show based on who’s attending it. Brent and Sarah’s show is designed for a wide range of audiences.


Audiences across the globe are raving about Brent and Sarah. Check out what our clients are saying about our magic shows:


"Brent and Sarah offer a great mix of comedy, professionalism and, of course, magic! I would recommend their performance to anyone looking to lighten the mood at a corporate event."



"Brent and Sarah were terrific! Their show was hilarious, entertaining and magical. They got our audience involved in a meaningful way and helped make this year's celebration a magical one."

-TD Bank


"Brent & Sarah performed for our holiday party and our audience couldn’t stop talking about how mesmerizing and hilarious they were for hours after they finished! The quality of the show was great and they were very responsive to any questions we had beforehand. We would recommend Brent and Sarah’s show to everyone - corporate or other events."



"It was such a pleasure working with Brent and Sarah! They are very organized, provide you with all the details you need in advance. Their performance was excellent! Very funny and family-friendly, lots of jaw-dropping magic!"

-The College of Family Physicians of Canada

You’re ready to book these magic entertainers at your next event. By doing so, you’ll leave your guests in awe of their hilarious illusionist magic.

The next step is contacting us directly. To get in touch with us, you can use the form on our website. Contact Brent and Sarah today! 

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