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Boston Magician Duo

Corporate Entertainment

There’s a lot to love about Boston, a city known for its famous marathon. Boston is nicknamed “Beantown” because back in the day, settlers loved to mix beans with molasses. 

Despite its large population and size, it’s easy to get around Boston; you can take its well-developed public transit system or bike paths to visit the city’s top destinations, like the Museum of Science or the New England Aquarium.

At your Boston event, you’re looking to book the next big thing. An entertainment duo that will blend magic and comedy to put on a great show that will have everyone talking. Why not hire Boston magician team, Brent and Sarah, to perform at your next event? Here’s what you can expect from these incredible magicians:

About The Show

Years ago, Brent and Sarah met while performing aboard a Disney Cruise Line. They spent years at sea perfecting their performance, until eventually getting married and moving to Canada. Now, they perform their high energy and interactive magic show for audiences across the globe.

It’s pretty rare to find a husband and wife team like Brent and Sarah. With their charisma, on-stage chemistry, and quick-witted humor, you’ll find yourself mesmerized through their performance. At their magic show, you’ll see spectacular tricks like:

  • Card magic

  • Mind reading

  • Illusion

  • Daring escapes

  • Sleight of hand

  • And more!

On its own, live music is entertainment enough. But when you add magic and comedy to the mix as well, you’re in for an evening of excitement. Event planners can rest assured that this show has something for everyone. Believers will find it fascinating, skeptics won’t be able to look away, and young children will be delighted by the experience.

Audience participation is a key part of the magic show. Not only will it keep your guests engaged, but it always adds a surprise element of improvisation to the show. There’s no telling what might happen when you take the stage! That’s part of what makes audience participation so exciting for everyone involved.

Perfect For A Variety Of Events

You don’t want to merely entertain your guests—you want to leave them astounded by super impressive magic tricks. Whether you’re inviting many friends to your event, or hosting a small intimate gathering, a magician in Boston is sure to leave a lasting impression. Here are just a few examples of events that magicians Brent and Sarah can perform at:


Company Retreats

You’ve spent countless hours working alongside your employees. And in all that time, you’ve rarely been outside the office to socialize in a more casual setting. You’re looking for a way to break the ice and ease that transition. A Boston magician is just what you need!

Special events like a company retreat are a lot more fun with live entertainment. People can let go of their hesitations and feel truly relaxed in an exciting, fun environment. A show this fast-paced will keep your guests entertained the whole way through. They’ll alternate between states of amazement, belly laughter, and disbelief!


Corporate Events

It’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, launching a new product, or toasting to a successful year, you’re getting ready to host a corporate event for your entire staff. You want to show your team that you appreciate their hard work by holding an evening of fun, entertainment, and excitement.

With corporate magic shows, you can plan a party that’s full of surprises. No one will expect what these magicians have up their sleeves! Book your holiday magic show!


Fundraisers and Galas

From theaters to festivals, Boston magician duo Brent and Sarah are available to perform at the location of your choosing. 

If you’re hosting a fundraiser for a special cause, you want it to be memorable to your attendees. For that, you’ll need the Boston magician team, Brent and Sarah. They’ll make your event one that guests will not soon forget. This can help with raising funds for your cause.


Master of Ceremonies

If you’re planning an event with multiple speakers or segments, then you’ll need a host to introduce each one. Why not leave it to a Boston magician pair like Brent and Sarah?


You want a keynote speaker that will keep audiences entertained throughout the evening. Nights like these are where Brent and Sarah’s magical talents really shine. Your guests will have no idea what to expect when this duo takes the stage.


We’re going to answer a few questions that are commonly asked about this Boston magician duo:


How long is the magic show?

Depending on your event, Boston magician team Brent and Sarah offer magic shows of various durations. They do 30, 45, and 60-minute shows. You can select the length of your show, and whether you want it to be live or virtual.


Is it family-friendly?

Brent and Sarah use clean comedy to make guests laugh. These magic shows are meant to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. From young children to older adults, everyone can enjoy these exciting performances.


What makes this Boston magician duo a cut above the rest? With years of experience in the industry, these magicians have what it takes to offer top-tier entertainment. Take a look at what others are saying about their awe-inspiring magic show:


"Brent and Sarah offer a great mix of comedy, professionalism, and of course, magic! I would recommend their performance to anyone looking to lighten the mood at a corporate event."



"Brent and Sarah were terrific! Their show was hilarious, entertaining, and magical. They got our audience involved in a meaningful way and helped make this year's celebration a magical one."

-TD Bank 


"Brent & Sarah performed for our holiday party and our audience couldn’t stop talking about how mesmerizing and hilarious they were for hours after they finished! The quality of the show was great and they were very responsive to any questions we had beforehand. We would recommend Brent and Sarah’s show to everyone - corporate or other events."



"It was such a pleasure working with Brent and Sarah! They are very organized, provide you with all the details you need in advance. Their performance was excellent! Very funny and family-friendly, lots of jaw-dropping magic!"

-The College of Family Physicians of Canada

What are you waiting for? You’ve been looking for the right entertainment act for your next event, and you’ve found it. From mind reading to sleight of hand tricks, this Boston magician duo does it all. Brent and Sarah combine magic and comedy to put on an incredible and unforgettable performance.

Ready to book Brent and Sarah? Contact us today!

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