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Edmonton Magician Duo


Edmonton is a lively city; it seems that everywhere you go, something is always happening, from its many festivals to its mouth-watering culinary scene. If you want to step away from the city life, venture to Elk Island National Park to catch a glimpse of bison, deer, or even pelicans.  

Are you planning an event in Edmonton? You might be wondering how to set it apart from all the other happenings in the city. For that, magic shows are just what you need. Brent and Sarah offer a performance that’s full of laughter, wonder, and excitement. These magicians have what it takes to entertain crowds of all sizes.

Make your next event magical by booking this dynamic magician duo.

About The Show

Brent and Sarah began by performing aboard cruise ships. After spending years at sea, they returned to Canada to bring their talents to the Great White North. Now, their magic shows are booked across the country, including Alberta’s capital. 

This husband and wife team puts on magic shows like no other. Together, they offer an amazing performance that will leave your jaw on the floor. You’ll see magic tricks like:

  • Daring escapes

  • Illusion magic

  • Card magic

  • Mind reading

Brent and Sarah do more than magic; they also offer live music and hilarious comedy. Guests will be laughing one moment and tapping their feet along with the music the next. Throughout the performance, everyone will have one question on their minds: is magic real? 

With their big personalities and captivating chemistry, no one in the audience will be able to take their eyes off of Brent and Sarah.

Perfect For A Variety Of Events

Magic shows make a great addition to a variety of occasions. The next time you’re planning one of these events, consider booking Brent and Sarah along with it:


Company Retreats

It’s been a long year. Now, it’s time to step away from the office and plan a fun outing for the business. But what’s something you can provide to help your employees forget about work and just relax?

Magic shows offer something for all types of people. Some like to sit back and enjoy the entertainment; others like to watch closely to try and figure out how the tricks work. Either way, magic shows will captivate everyone’s attention. 

Brent and Sarah thrive at corporate events like company retreats. All of your employees will still be talking about the show once they return to work!

You won’t find magic shows like this anywhere else. Make your next company retreat one to remember by scheduling Brent and Sarah’s show.


Corporate Events

It’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, launching a new product, or toasting to a successful year, you’re getting ready to host a corporate event for your entire staff. You want to show your team that you appreciate their hard work by holding an evening of fun, entertainment, and excitement.

With corporate magic shows, you can plan a party that’s full of surprises. No one will expect what these magicians have up their sleeves! Book your holiday magic show!


Fundraisers and Galas

You’re ready to host an event of a lifetime. Once dinner wraps up, you need a performance that will send your audience off with a smile. Times like these are perfect for magic shows. 

If you’re holding a fundraiser, you want audiences to remember your cause. What’s more memorable than magic shows full of unbelievable tricks and knee-slapping laughter? Make your next gala a real show-stopper by scheduling these two magicians. 


Master of Ceremonies

You’ve put together a ceremony that features engaging speakers and informational presentations. Now, all that’s left to do is find a host to pull it all together. 

Instead of one host, why not book two? Brent and Sarah add intrigue and wonder to any event; they’re sure to keep your guests on the edges of their seats. Their performance can be customized to suit the tone and theme of your event. To inquire about these types of events, contact us today!


Interested in learning more about Brent and Sarah’s magic shows? We’re going to answer a few commonly asked questions:


How long is the show?

Brent and Sarah offer a few different formats for their magic shows. You can choose from 30, 45, and 60-minute performances. If you’re looking for quick magic shows, choose the 30-minute one; but if you’re looking for the complete package, the 60-minute show will be perfect. 


Is it family-friendly?

Brent and Sarah use clean comedy to make guests laugh. These magic shows are meant to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. From young children to older adults, everyone can enjoy these exciting performances. 

Brent and Sarah’s magic shows also feature audience participation, where attendees can volunteer to be part of the show. These magicians won’t try to embarrass or humiliate your guests; instead, they’ll make them feel like part of the magic. If one of your guests is brave enough to volunteer, they’re in for a wild ride!


Do you offer virtual magic shows?

If you don’t feel comfortable hosting a live event yet, Brent and Sarah also perform virtual magic shows. You and your guests can attend from the comfort of your homes. It will be a Zoom meeting like no other!


What should I expect at one of these magic shows?

At Brent and Sarah’s show, you’ll see:

  • Fun musical performances 

  • Interactive tricks that get the entire audience engaged

  • Jokes that are hilarious and appropriate for all occasions

  • Magic that you need to see to believe!

What are you waiting for? This show is just what you need to kick your next event up a notch!


Audiences across the globe are raving about Brent and Sarah. Check out what our clients are saying about our magic shows:


"Brent and Sarah offer a great mix of comedy, professionalism and, of course, magic! I would recommend their performance to anyone looking to lighten the mood at a corporate event."



"Brent and Sarah were terrific! Their show was hilarious, entertaining and magical. They got our audience involved in a meaningful way and helped make this year's celebration a magical one."

-TD Bank


"Brent & Sarah performed for our holiday party and our audience couldn’t stop talking about how mesmerizing and hilarious they were for hours after they finished! The quality of the show was great and they were very responsive to any questions we had beforehand. We would recommend Brent and Sarah’s show to everyone - corporate or other events."



"It was such a pleasure working with Brent and Sarah! They are very organized, provide you with all the details you need in advance. Their performance was excellent! Very funny and family-friendly, lots of jaw-dropping magic!"

-The College of Family Physicians of Canada

Looking for an Edmonton magician duo? Brent and Sarah’s magic shows will amaze and entertain your guests. With a combination of music, comedy, and magic, these magicians do it all. 

Brent and Sarah will make your next event a smash hit. Contact us today to schedule magic shows at your next corporate event, fundraiser, or gala.

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