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Hawaii Magician Duo

Corporate Entertainment

Who among us doesn’t long to visit the sandy beaches in Hawaii? On these iconic islands, you can enjoy the tropical climate and unique volcanic landscape. From its festivals to its arts scene, the culture in Hawaii is diverse and rich. It’s known as “The Aloha State”, and once you arrive, you’ll never want to say goodbye!

What are people looking for at a Hawaii event? They’re looking for good food, high energy, and entertainment. They’re looking for magic. 

Brent and Sarah have performed their magic show across the globe. If you’re searching for a funny and talented pair of Hawaii magicians, then you’ve come to the right place. From community events to holiday parties, these two do it all. Here’s what they have to offer:

About The Show

What can you expect from a magician duo like Brent and Sarah? To put it lightly, expect the unexpected. There’s no telling what tricks they’ll have up their sleeves at your event. 

This husband and wife team started their journey aboard the Disney Cruise Line. Over the years, they’ve gained the experience and skill that makes their show a non-stop riot.

Their unique style of comedy, storytelling, and magic has entertained audiences across the globe. Brent and Sarah’s mind-reading tricks will leave guests absolutely amazed. You’ll witness spectacles and astonishing magic that you won’t be able to explain.

Their wit, comedic timing, and high skill level are unmatched by any other magician. 

This isn’t your typical magician duo. They perform as equals on stage to deliver a set that’s awe-inspiring and hilarious. During their show, you’ll see spectacles like:

  • Daring escapes

  • Illusion magic

  • Mind-reading tricks

  • Hilarious jokes

  • A unique and interactive show

  • Musical performances

  • Clean comedy that’s workplace and family-friendly

Have you ever dreamed of being on a stage? Part of their show is audience participation. Allowing guests to be part of an interactive show makes your special occasion even more engaging; it’s a fun element of the performance that gets everyone involved.

Perfect For A Variety Of Events

Magic shows make a great addition to a variety of occasions. The next time you’re planning one of these events, consider booking Brent and Sarah along with it:


Company Retreats

It’s time for a break—one that the whole team can enjoy! At your next company retreat, consider hiring the award-winning magician duo, Brent and Sarah. 

Sometimes, it’s tough to transition from a work environment to a company retreat. A great way to break the ice is by scheduling a performance from magicians. There’s never a dull moment during these amazing magic shows. After the show, your staff will be asking you when the next one is!


Corporate Events

Hosting a corporate event can be a lot of fun, but it poses unique challenges. Many corporate events can feel a little too corporate—without the right entertainment, your employees might feel like they’re still at work! 

It’s one thing to get along with your coworkers while you’re at the office, but in a new environment, things might feel a bit awkward at first. Here’s a great way to break the ice: plan an unforgettable magician show.

Brent and Sarah put on a clean comedy show; you can enjoy the wonder of Hawaii magic without worrying if someone may be offended. Show your team that corporate events can be a night of adventure by booking this dynamic Hawaii magician duo.


Fundraisers and Galas

You’re ready to host an event of a lifetime. Once dinner wraps up, you need a performance that will send your audience off with a smile. Times like these are perfect for magic shows. 

If you’re holding a fundraiser, you want audiences to remember your cause. What’s more memorable than magic shows full of unbelievable tricks and knee-slapping laughter? Make your next gala a real show-stopper by scheduling these two magicians. 


Master of Ceremonies

These magicians will tailor their magic show according to your audience, presentation, and event. Throughout the evening, your guests will enjoy magic tricks that seem to defy the laws of reality. After the show, some of them might even believe in magic.


Interested in learning more about what this magician duo has to offer? Here are some of the questions that we’re most commonly asked:

How long is the show?

Brent and Sarah offer a few different formats for their magic shows. You can choose from 30, 45, and 60-minute performances. If you’re looking for quick magic shows, choose the 30-minute one; but if you’re looking for the complete package, the 60-minute show will be perfect. 

Is it family-friendly?

Brent and Sarah perform an age-appropriate magic show that’s perfect for family audiences. From young children to seniors, everyone can enjoy the clean and tasteful comedy that this magician team offers.


Wondering what others are saying about these magicians? Take a look at some of the glowing reviews left by previous attendees:


"Brent and Sarah offer a great mix of comedy, professionalism, and of course, magic! I would recommend their performance to anyone looking to lighten the mood at a corporate event."



"Brent and Sarah were terrific! Their show was hilarious, entertaining, and magical. They got our audience involved in a meaningful way and helped make this year's celebration a magical one."

-TD Bank


"Brent & Sarah performed for our holiday party and our audience couldn’t stop talking about how mesmerizing and hilarious they were for hours after they finished! The quality of the show was great and they were very responsive to any questions we had beforehand. We would recommend Brent and Sarah’s show to everyone - corporate or other events."



"It was such a pleasure working with Brent and Sarah! They are very organized, provide you with all the details you need in advance. Their performance was excellent! Very funny and family-friendly, lots of jaw-dropping magic!"

-The College of Family Physicians of Canada

Brent and Sarah will make waves at your Hawaii event. If you’re ready for a show that will astound your guests, these magicians have what it takes. With their unique blend of comedy, music, and magic, you can trust that every member of your audience will be thrilled. To book your event, contact Brent and Sarah today!

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