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Honolulu Magician Duo

Corporate Entertainment

Even though it’s located on a tropical island, Honolulu is a bustling contemporary city, full of high-rise buildings and tourist attractions. Just outside of Honolulu, you’ll find Kuilima Cove. Its white sandy beaches are the perfect place to enjoy the sun. Once you’re ready to head into the water, take a snorkeling mask with you; you’ll find colorful coral reefs, marine wildlife, and turtles.

Aside from its scenic sights, the food in Honolulu is incredible. Something about the fresh fruit and produce in Hawaii just tastes different when you’re eating it on an island.

If you’re planning an event in Honolulu, then you need a performer to entertain your guests. What about a pair of talented Hawaii magicians? Brent and Sarah will dazzle adults and children alike at your next party.

About The Show

We see all sorts of amazing things these days; it’s astounding what technology can do. That being said, you can’t replicate the feeling of witnessing something magical. From small intimate gatherings to large galas, this magician duo can put on a show that everyone will enjoy.

These days, we’re surrounded by entertainment; it’s always just a few taps away on our smartphones. But magic shows bring something different to the table. You can see magical tricks like mind reading, illusions, escapes, card magic, and more. 

Have you always dreamed of being on a stage? Part of this magic show is audience participation. But the fun doesn’t come at anyone’s expense; it’s all about inviting guests to be part of the magic, not trying to embarrass them. This ensures that everyone in the audience has a wonderful time!

Despite their remarkable skill and years of experience, Brent and Sarah don’t take themselves too seriously. To this Hawaii magician duo, it’s all about having fun.

Perfect For A Variety Of Events

You don’t want to merely entertain your guests—you want to leave them astounded by super impressive magic tricks. Whether you’re inviting many friends to your event, or hosting a small intimate gathering, a magician in Hawaii is sure to leave a lasting impression. Here are just a few examples of events that magicians Brent and Sarah can perform at:


Company Retreats

Your employees have worked hard all year to keep your business afloat; and for many companies, it hasn’t been an easy year. It’s time to take a break and unwind!

There’s something about watching Honolulu magic that transports you to another place. You become completely absorbed in the spectacle of it. With this Hawaii magician duo, your team will truly feel like they’re on a retreat. 

After a getaway like this, your team of employees will return to work with a refreshed sense of motivation and energy. They’ll also be trying to figure out how to explain the magic they witnessed!


Corporate Events

It’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re celebrating with birthday parties, launching a new product, or toasting to a successful year, you’re getting ready to host a corporate event for your entire staff. You want to show your team that you appreciate their hard work by holding an evening of fun, entertainment, and excitement.

With corporate magic shows, you can plan a party that’s full of surprises. No one will expect what these magicians have up their sleeves! Book your holiday magic show!


Fundraisers and Galas

For exclusive events like galas, you want a top-tier entertainment act. You want the Hawaii magician duo, Brent and Sarah.

This husband and wife duo offers all kinds of different magic, including hand magic, card magic, mind reading, illusion magic, and more. Their talents will leave the guests at your fundraiser in awe. A magician in Honolulu is sure to leave a lasting impression, so your cause won’t be forgotten once the event is over. 


Master of Ceremonies

Corporate events, like product launches or informational seminars, require a charismatic host to bring the evening together. Someone to help transition between speakers and keep the audience engaged. For a performance like this, Brent and Sarah are the perfect fit. 

If you want to stick to a certain theme or tone throughout the show, feel free to contact us about it!


Interested in learning more about Brent and Sarah’s magic shows? We’re going to answer a few commonly asked questions:


How long is the magic show?

That depends—how long of a magic show are you looking for? You can choose from 30, 45, or 60-minute performances depending on what type of event you’re planning. Simply choose the time frame that suits your schedule, and we’ll do the rest!


Is it family-friendly?

Brent and Sarah use clean comedy to make guests laugh. These magic shows are meant to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. From young children to older adults, everyone can enjoy these exciting performances. Their show is perfect for birthday parties and holiday parties.

Brent and Sarah’s magic shows also feature audience participation, where attendees can volunteer to be part of the show. These magicians won’t try to embarrass or humiliate your guests; instead, they’ll make them feel like part of the magic. If one of your guests is brave enough to volunteer, they’re in for a wild ride!


Throughout their travels, Brent and Sarah have entertained guests around the world, and in return, they’ve received some glowing feedback! Here’s what some of our guests have to say about the magic show:


"Brent and Sarah offer a great mix of comedy, professionalism, and of course, magic! I would recommend their performance to anyone looking to lighten the mood at a corporate event."



"Brent and Sarah were terrific! Their show was hilarious, entertaining, and magical. They got our audience involved in a meaningful way and helped make this year's celebration a magical one."

-TD Bank


"Brent & Sarah performed for our holiday party and our audience couldn’t stop talking about how mesmerizing and hilarious they were for hours after they finished! The quality of the show was great and they were very responsive to any questions we had beforehand. We would recommend Brent and Sarah’s show to everyone - corporate or other events."



"It was such a pleasure working with Brent and Sarah! They are very organized, provide you with all the details you need in advance. Their performance was excellent! Very funny and family-friendly, lots of jaw-dropping magic!"

-The College of Family Physicians of Canada

Brent and Sarah perform at community events, business parties, and more. Their high-energy performance is perfect for your event in Honolulu. Kids and adults will be thrilled by their fun and interactive performance. Looking for great entertainment at your next party? Contact Brent and Sarah today!

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