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Watch, Learn and Amaze! 

Step right up and try not one, not two, but ten Magic Tricks! Amaze everyone you know with these easy-to-master tricks and illusions that Brent and Sarah will walk you through step by step in the videos below! Also see our virtual magic show!

Make a Cup Float Before Your Eyes

Supplies Needed: A Styrofoam Cup or Paper Cup

Vanish a Coin with Some Misdirection

Supplies Needed: A Coin

Make an Object Disappear Using A Pencil

Supplies Needed: A Pencil and a Piece of Paper

Without Touching It a Paperclip Will Move

Supplies Needed: A Paperclip and a Rubber Band

An Impressive Card Trick That's Easy To Do

Supplies Needed: A Volunteer and a Deck of Cards

A Spooky Mystery That's Fun to Perform

Supplies Needed: Lipstick or Some Washable Paint

A Great Illusion That Can Be Performed Easily

Supplies Needed: A Pop Can and a Stick

A Magical Transformation That's Hard to Believe

Supplies Needed: Paper and a Bill

An Impressive Metal Bending Effect

Supplies Needed: A Paperclip

A Freaky Illusion That Gets a Big Reaction

Supplies Needed: An Elastic/ Rubber Band

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