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Brent and Sarah

Comedy Magic
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 Minutes

Brent and Sarah's Comedy Magic Show is a non-stop laugh riot from beginning to end. It's what you get when you pair two magicians with skill and talent that don't take themselves too seriously.

The show is sure to amaze and impress, but it is Brent and Sarah's hilarious personalities and on-stage chemistry that keep audiences raving about the dynamic duo. The show combines magic, music, comedy and interactive audience participation in a way that feels more like a two person variety show than a traditional magic act.


Highlights of the Show:

  • Combines Interactive Magic, Music, Comedy and Storytelling

  • Full of Audience Participation

  • Several Volunteer Opportunities Where Audience Members Become the Stars of the Show!

  • Features Two Hilarious Magicians!

  • A Variety of Magic ie. Illusion, Mind Reading, Card Magic & often a Daring Escape!

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Brent and Sarah's hilarious & amazing magic show awaits any audience who doesn't mind watching from the edges of their seats!

Contact Brent and Sarah today to find out more!

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