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The Importance Of Supporting Local

Across Canada, music venues are closing. The Canadian Music Live Association claims the industry has lost 92% of its annual revenue. Other entertainment industries have been hit similarly.

Entertainers aren’t magically disappearing. We wish they were, because we know about magical disappearances. And we know how to reverse them. It’s one of the tricks of our trade.

Entertainment is a business

The reason entertainers are going away is because they’re not getting paid. Entertainment is a business, and when revenue dries up, entertainers are forced to turn to other lines of work. Worse yet, they may have to sell some of the equipment that’s essential to their show to make ends meet. That makes it tough to start again when revenue might be available.

Entertainment is local

When some people think of entertainment, they think of huge acts. Massive bands playing the festival circuit. Magicians like Penn and Teller. Comedians like Tig Notaro. That can make entertainers seem like wealthy, well-travelled, famous, and powerful people.

99.9% of entertainers are not like the entertainers we just mentioned. They’re local. They might tour occasionally, but they make most of their money playing shows in their hometowns - or in the cities they’ve made their homes.

And those famous entertainers we just mentioned? They weren’t always famous. They got their start working the local circuit. Doing gigs like weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. Being an entertainer can be glamorous - but it doesn’t start that way.

It all starts with local support.

How to support local entertainers when there’s no in-person entertainment

We talk a lot about supporting local shops. That makes sense. We should support local shops - and it’s easy to know how. Just order delivery or pick up!

If you want a thriving local arts and entertainment scene, you need to support local entertainers. How do you do it?

There are a number of ways. Many local entertainers offer merchandise - fun merch that you can buy! It might be mugs! It might be t-shirts! Whatever it is, it’s a great way you can give your favourite entertainers some cash before you go see them live again.

Other entertainers are still offering live shows - they’re just being done virtually! For example - us! We know that the need for entertainment doesn’t stop just because live venues are closed. That’s why we’re still offering a fun and interactive virtual Toronto magic show. That’s right - you can book us right now!

By supporting local entertainers, you’re doing a kind of magic. You’re giving them a chance to blossom into bigger stars. You’re giving local venues and talent the opportunity to chase their dreams - all while providing you light, laugher, and levity. It’s a beautiful thing.

So check out the local entertainers that you love, and see if they’re offering virtual shows and/or merch. And take advantage of the opportunity to get something nice for yourself, all while supporting your community.

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