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How To Plan A Corporate Event - With Entertainment!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We’ve all been to boring corporate events. Events that we had to go to as part of the job - networking is important, after all - but sometimes the common theme of conversation is how dull and drab the event has been so far.

Don’t let the most memorable thing about your event be how drunk that one lawyer got. Plan your event with entertainment in mind, and you’ll be able to define your good time and stay ahead of the line.

Now that we’re done with the bad rhymes, let’s get down to business:

Pick a theme

First, you’ll want to pick a theme. Theming is useful for more than just choosing corporate entertainers - it can inform the decor, the choice of venue, the topics guest speakers will discuss, and a whole lot more.

You can pick a playful theme and stylize your event after a particular era or pop culture touchstone (we’d love to see a Game of Thrones-themed insurance conference). You can also pick a theme that touches on an important part of your corporate philosophy, like trust or empathy.

Once you’ve picked your theme, start brainstorming - jot down ideas for how the theme can take physical form. To help you out, take a look at this EventBrite post on how to create a corporate theme.

Mix business and pleasure

Now that you’ve found your theme, you can find ways of incorporating it into every aspect of your event. Doing so automatically makes your event more interesting - you can make some pretty good jokes and references by tying food and decor into a theme; people may talk about it for years.

You might, for example, take the rather mundane-sounding theme of risk management and get some laughs by putting out fortune cookies with ridiculous fortunes inside (“There is a 10% chance of you spilling wine on your pants - use tablecloths to mitigate damage”). You can take the theme of courage and use it to inspire red and gold decor, emboldening event goers.

Make sure to have all kinds of refreshments, decorations, and speakers who tie into your theme, and you’ll really get people into the spirit - and when people are in the spirit, they’re much more easily entertained.

Choose experienced corporate entertainers

Our last tip is to choose entertainers who are used to corporate events. You wouldn’t hire a motivational speaker to a 6-year-old’s birthday party, so you shouldn’t hire a children’s entertainer to your corporate event. Find entertainers who know how to get corporate crowds in the spirit.

Hire entertainers like corporate magicians Brent and Sarah! They know how to get a crowd going, whether it’s a Zoom or in-person event. They blend magic and comedy, so if you’ve been waffling between getting a comedian or getting a magician, it’s one less decision you have to make.

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