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Planning An Event Your Audience Will Remember

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Hosting a corporate event shouldn’t be like teaching a gaggle of grade school kids - if you have to force stakeholders to attend your event by pleading or imposing consequences, you’re doing something wrong.

Very wrong.

Events should be fun! You want to have a mix of inspiring, educational, and enjoyable content. How do you find the right mix? How do you determine who should speak at your event? These are the questions we’re going to answer. So how do you plan one?

Know your goals

Two things you should constantly keep in mind when planning your event: who is going to attend, and what would you like them to take away? Use these two factors to determine the aesthetic and practical themes of your event.

Imagine you’re holding an event for insurance brokers in your area. You understand that insurance is usually a pretty serious thing, but you want to focus on the positives of the insurance industry, and how it serves to make problems disappear.

You might call your event “The Magic of Insurance”. You’d then opt for speakers who have innovative ideas about where the industry can go, people who have had major losses turned around by insurance, and then cap the event off with a magic show. You’ve kept your goals, your audience, and your theme in mind, tying everything together thematically and aesthetically.

The medium is the message

If you’re reading this article around the time it was posted (in early 2021), it’s very likely that you’re looking to host a virtual event. Even if you’re hosting an in-person happening, there are a variety of different event formats you can choose from.

Remember that the format you choose is going to affect how the event is received. If you’re doing a Zoom event that’s nothing more than you talking and 500 participants listening, it’s probably not going to be a memorable affair. Interactivity is key to keeping attendees engaged, no matter what your event format is.

All work and no play…

...will make your event dull and grey. People love engaging and inspirational speakers, but they’ll also need breaks every now and then. A mind can only hold so much information without relaxation! You need ways for your attendees to turn off their brains for a while and enjoy the ride.

That can mean providing food, drinks, decor, and other sensually-appealing activities. You might also opt for some good, old-fashioned fun - musicians, magicians, comedians, and other entertainers who can keep your audience engaged without demanding too much brain power.

Brent and Sarah are a comedy-magic duo who offer corporate entertainment in Toronto. Whether you have a virtual or an in-person event planned, their interactive show will provide the reprieve from headier topics that any memorable event needs.

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