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Toronto Corporate Magicians, Brent and Sarah, On Performing Their 100th Virtual Magic Show

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

TORONTO, Canada - Toronto Corporate Magicians, Brent and Sarah, have recently performed their 100th virtual magic show. The innovative and forward-thinking duo had to totally transform their traditional magic show when the government began imposing strict lockdown conditions, which meant that there was no chance of performing any live shows. With no way to keep their business running, many people would have given up or contemplated closing down their company, but Brent and Sarah decided to utilize the situation to their advantage.

After many late nights, discussions, and ideas, the talented duo created a mesmerizing show designed for an online audience. The idea was to bring the wonder of magic into people's lives when it was needed most. Initially, Brent and Sarah received only a few bookings, but as word of their amazing show began to spread, bookings increased.

"When the pandemic first hit, things were looking rather bleak," said Brent, of Brent and Sarah's Virtual Magic Show. "Effectively, our livelihood had been taken away from us, and we were unsure what the future held. We had bills to pay, and it was a very worrying time. However, our passion has always been performing magic and the amazement and wonder it brings to people's lives, so we were determined to find a solution. After a lot of thought, we concluded that delivering our show virtually was a great alternative, and so we set about designing a show that could take advantage of this medium. We have been blown away by the reaction that audiences have had to this new format and we are so happy that we can still bring magic into the lives of others during this time."

Brent and Sarah's Virtual Magic Show is an interactive online experience that takes place from the comfort of the home or office. The show is fast-paced, funny, and full of amazing magic. It's what you get when you pair two magicians with remarkable skill and talent who don't take themselves too seriously. With impressive magic, hilarious comedy, and live music, this unique team delivers a one-of-a-kind virtual show!

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